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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization? | WordPress Production

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what is seo

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of getting traffic to your website. It has two categories On page SEO and Off Page SEO.

WordPress Production offers vast understanding on SEO and it types. It also provide their clients support in SEO services.


On page search engine optimization (SEO) begins with key phrase targeting. Once you’ve honed in for your target key phrase, you need to use it to optimize on page elements.

There are two components of on web page optimization to hold in mind.

The first are meta tags. These web page factors are inside the <head></head> section of your page. It’s knowledge visitors won’t see immediately for your page.

These page elements include:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Canonical URL
  • Open Graph Tags

Search engines use this information to display your result.

SEO techniques

The second part of ON page SEO is to optimize visible page text. This know-how falls under <body></body> tags. It’s the precise content for your web page.

These page elements include:

  • Page Headers and Sub-Headers
  • Paragraph Text
  • Alt Image Tags
  • Internal and External Links
What is SEO
What is SEO
What is SEO

These are the basic mechanics behind on web page search engine optimization. It’s the opening point of improving organic search engine rank. Now let’s shift focal point to off web page search engine optimization.


Off page Seo methods have to do with advertisement. The intention is to broaden visibility so individuals of your community share and refer your web page.

There are a number of off web page search engine optimization tactics which aid construct web page authority to beef up ranks. Listed below are a couple of popular techniques:

Link building

The intention of link building is to increase the number of first-rate backlinks to your content material.

You can build quality backlinks through:

  • Email Outreach: Sharing your useful content with different members of your community. Spotlight your content’s price, and in return, you can also receive a reference back to your web page.
  • Guest Blogging: By using visitor blogging, which you could share your knowledge on a distinctive discipline, and incorporate a link to your possess content for reference.
  • Suggestions Submission: Reporters and bloggers watching for educated feedback are a pleasant linking constructing opportunity. That you could sift by way of these possibilities utilising offerings like HARO or SourceBottle.


Your web publication platform allows you to talk about strategies with on-line communities. Offering priceless know-how makes viewers feel of you as an authority. This means they’ll return to your weblog, interact along with your strategies and share your posts.

Social Media

Social systems are an convenient solution to share website content material. And with the aid of selling your content throughout a few essential systems, which you can attain a number of users.

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