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WordPress Posts and Pages

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WordPress Posts and Pages

Difference between WordPress Posts and Pages

Wordpress Posts and Pages are two different things in wordpress. WordPress Posts are used to display articles in blog websites while Pages are used for static content.

WordPress Pages are included in Navigation menu bar on the top of the website. On the other hand, Posts are also included comments , Discussions , anyone can  comment on your article with or without your approval. Posts are included some special features like author bio , social share buttons , publishing date and time etc. User can share your post at any platform like Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin etc. You can set the featured image in single post to display at the top of the page in frontend.

You can also include the audio , video , gallery and other things in your posts and pages in wordpress. You can set the layout according to your need.

Pages vs. Posts

The differences we list under obviously have exceptions. You need to use plugins or code snippets to prolong the performance of both content material forms. Below is the list of key differences with the aid of default.

  • Posts are timely vs. Pages are timeless.
  • Posts are social vs. Pages aren’t.
  • Posts will also be labeled vs. Pages are hierarchical.
  • Posts are incorporated in RSS feed vs. Pages are not.
  • Pages have customized template feature vs. Posts don’t.

Pages Options

Wordpress Posts and Pages
Wordpress Hosting Services
Wordpress Posts and Pages

Post Options

Wordpress Posts and Pages
Wordpress Posts and Pages
Wordpress Posts and Pages
Wordpress Posts and Pages

Posts are blog entries – or articles – that are displayed in chronological order in your homepage, quite often with the most recent submit on the high. Unlike pages, posts mainly have feedback beneath them and are also included to your web page’s RSS feed.

Pages, on the other hand, are frequently used for “static content” – or content material that doesn’t alternate very quite often. Pages are ordinarily incorporated for your web site’s navigation menu, which is ordinarily located at or close the highest of the site.

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