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How to Install WordPress

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How to Install Wordpress

How to Install WordPress on your own server?

The 5 steps to put in WordPress:

  1. Download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress.Org.
  2. Upload those files to your web server, utilizing FTP.
  3. Create a MySQL database and user for WordPress.
  4. Configure WordPress to hook up with the newly-created database.
  5. Complete the installation and setup your new website.

Before Installation of WordPress

Before you begin installing WordPress, you’ll need a excellent website hosting provider. Most web hosts provide shared area on an online server for less than $10 a month. Even higher, many hosting providers today will set up and keep WordPress for you. Correctly, we highly suggest Managed WordPress internet hosting.

But this tutorial covers the steps to manually set up WordPress to your own web server. To do that, you’ll also need four matters:

  1. initially, you’ll need FTP access to your net server, which will have to have been furnished to you with the aid of your hosting supplier.
  2. 2nd, you’ll need an FTP client. This is a laptop utility that allows you to copy and transfer records from your own pc to your web server. FileZilla and Cyberduck are a couple of free FTP purchasers for both computer and Mac.
  3. Third, you’ll need a text editor, like Notepad or TextEdit.
  4. And last, your web browser of choice. Chrome and Safari are best, since they aid the trendy HTML5 and CSS3 internet specifications. IE does not.

After installing wordpress jump to the 3rd step WordPress Dashboard

Note: If you don’t have any hosting provider then you can run installation of wordpress on your localhost.

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